November 16 2017

Kenney welcomes chance for Calgarians to send a message to the NDP

Today, United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney welcomed the by-election called for December 14, 2017 to replace former MLA Dave Rodney in the Calgary-Lougheed constituency.

"This by-election is a chance for Calgary-Lougheed voters to send a message about the disastrous economic policies of this failed NDP government," Kenney said. "Two years ago, the NDP was elected on a dishonest platform that hid the biggest tax hike in Alberta history - the multi-billion dollar, job-killing carbon tax. Two weeks after this by-election, the NDP will raise that tax by 50% even though Albertans are out of work, and tens of thousands have given up looking for work."

"In this by-election, Calgary-Lougheed voters can tell the NDP to stop their job-killing policies, stop quadrupling the province's debt and stop raising our taxes," Kenney added.

"I hope to earn the confidence of Calgary-Lougheed voters, to work for them every day and, in turn, to serve as a strong Opposition Leader in the Legislature. I offer my lifetime of experience in fighting for taxpayers and for Alberta - from being an Executive Director of the Alberta Taxpayers Association, to President of the Canadian Taxpayers Association, to representing Calgarians in Parliament for over 19 years and leading successful reforms as a federal Minister of Immigration, Multiculturalism, Employment and Defence."

"If elected, I will bring the same common-sense approach to the Legislature, opposing the ideological policies of the NDP while building the United Conservative Party into a future government that reflects the mainstream values of hard-working Albertans. I will work hard to earn the confidence of Calgary-Lougheed voters and to live up to the great standard of public service set by Dave Rodney over the past 13 years."

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