Ethan Williams

Southern AB


I’m proud to call Alberta my home and I’m grateful that I was able to grow up here. Like my family before me, we have always been proud to call Alberta home. 

I was raised in Didsbury by my wonderful family. They taught me values that I’m proud to live by today; Hard work, Respect, Resilience, Empathy and Integrity. 

I was raised in a conservative household. I hold  key values of low taxes, small government and fiscal responsibility. 

I graduated from Olds College in 2019 with a Business Management Diploma majoring in Sports Management and a certificate in Business Administration. 

As a student at Olds College, I was heavily involved with the Student Association of Olds College. I was even voted the Student Board of Director of the Year!

I also volunteered at local organizations around my hometown. I was an Assistant Coach with the Didsbury Football Club and served on the Board of Directors for the Didsbury & District Historical Society and Mountain View Community Adult Learning Society. 

After graduation, I went to Kelowna to work on achieving my Bachelor of Business Administration. After my second year of schooling, I had the pleasure of working as an intern and later as a Legislative Coordinator within the UCP Caucus. Those roles provided beneficial knowledge in all levels of government. I was able to learn so much about different portfolios and the inner workings of municipal governments. I left that position back in December to return home.

I was recently elected to Didsbury Town Council. I have the privilege of being one of the youngest councillors in town history. 

I look forward to serving the wonderful people of the party. We need voices from all generations to be heard at the table. We need leadership from all generations. I believe the best leaders are the ones that take responsibility and not excuses.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the AGM.