Samantha Steinke

VP Communications


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Samantha Steinke is a passionate community builder, political motivator, and most importantly, a mom. She resides in the Town of Valleyview with her husband and four children, where she was recently elected as a councilor. Before moving to Valleyview, she was the manager of a high-paced restaurant in Edmonton. She has managed various political campaigns and is currently the Constituency President for Central Peace-Notley.She is a strong advocate for conservative values and has devoted her spare time to building the conservative movement within the UCP. She has spent the last 10 months reaching out to members, constituency associations, and MLAs across the province in her desire to ensure the UCP wins the next election. Samantha isrunning for VP of Communications so she can improve two-way communications with members of the UCP party and to represent members at the board table. 

“I want to thank party members who have worked so hard and sacrificed so much to build the UCP party. I am focused on bringing the party together to build back the trust of Albertans to ensure the NDP do not form the next government. Obviously,there are changes necessary in order to make that happen, but I know through effective two-way communication, this party,with its members, can accomplish that. I humbly ask for your support to elect me as the VP of Communications so we can work together to accomplish the goal of electing a government that helps build Alberta to its fullest potential.”