Vicki Kozmak-LeFrense



A little bit about myself…

I live in Fort McMurray with my husband and am a proud, lifelong conservative. I own my own consulting business and for the last 20 years have been developing technical and licensing documentation for companies in the resource sector (primarily oil and gas, uranium, and potash) as well as electrical utilities including renewables. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta and an MBA from Pepperdine University, both with double majors in Finance and Marketing. 

How can I help?…

I was motivated to get involved in politics in 2018 when, like many Albertans, my family was suffering through the devastating effects of NDP policies. I walked into my MLA’s office one day and asked, “How can I help?” And I’ve been helping ever since by fundraising, door-knocking, promoting the UCP party within the community, and campaigning for our local MLA. In 2019 I became President of the Fort McMurray – Wood Buffalo Constituency Association and continue to hold the position. 

Why I’m running for Secretary…

With the 2023 election not far off, I again ask “How can I help?” With optimism for our party and Alberta’s future, I am running for the position of Secretary.

The role of Secretary involves more than taking minutes and performing traditional secretary duties. The Secretary also serves on the Policy and Governance Committee, which has the mandate to facilitate an open, transparent member consultation process in all PPGC matters. If elected, I commit to having our members’ voices heard and the process dutifully acted upon.

Grassroots Promise…

I believe strongly in our party’s founding principles and am committed to our grassroots promise. The grassroots are truly the heart of our party. We are the glue that binds our UCP family together and if elected, I commit to upholding our principles and making sure members’ voices are represented at the Board level. 

I respectfully ask for your support to elect me as Secretary. Collectively, we are indeed the United Conservative Party.

Vicki Kozmak-LeFrense