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Notice of AGM Edmonton-Decore Constituency – May 18, 2021

Time:                     7:00PM 18 May, 2021

Location:              Virtual Meeting, using Zoom, and secure electronic voting. The meeting URL will be emailed to those who register by the close of registration date.


1. You must be a Decore resident and your membership must be current at least 21 days prior to the AGM.

2. As this is a virtual meeting, attendees must register by 5:00PM 11 May, 2021 to allow time for the meeting administrator to provide each member their access to the Zoom Virtual Meeting. You may register on our web site:   and click on register .

Agenda:         Will be posted on our web site by 12 May, 2021. and emailed. The meeting’s purpose is to receive executive reports, elect the Board.

Quorum:             There must be at least 20 members present to make quorum and hold the meeting.

Nominations NOTE1: Before you accept a nomination, it is suggested you get a copy of our Roles & Responsibilities for our Board, so you have an understanding of what is expected for each role. This is a working Board and all are expected to contribute.

1.  If you wish to run for President, CFO, Secretary or Director, please submit your nomination form , including a required NDA, with the signatures of at least two members of the UCPA Edmonton-Decore. Signing Members must be residents of the Edmonton-Decore CA have current memberships. Scan the signed forms and email it to [email protected]along with the information requested on the form.(you can get the from via the same email address)

2. This being a virtual meeting, nominations cannot be taken from the floor and must be submitted by 11 May, 2021 to allow time to finalize the agenda for contested elections.

3. CA Boards may comprise 30 Members: President, CFO, Secretary and up to 27 Directors.

4, Only 20% of a CA Board can be non-residents. For example, if we elect 15 total people to the board, only  3 can be non-residents.

5. All nominees must attend the virtual AGM.

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