Rajan Sawhney is a modern, moderate conservative who is authentically invested in creating a better future for the United Conservative Party, the province and Alberta families.

Rajan Sawhney was born and raised in Calgary. She spent two decades working in Alberta’s energy industry as an economist and entrepreneur before becoming an MLA. She has served in two key portfolios, as Alberta’s Minister of Community and Social Services and as Minister of Transportation.

Married to her husband Gurpreet for almost 29 years, Rajan is a mother of four. As a passionate life long Albertan, Rajan believes wholeheartedly that Alberta is the best place to live, work and raise a family.

A reliable fiscal conservative with a robust commitment to tackling everyday issues that concern Alberta families and businesses, Rajan brings a balanced, pragmatic approach to government. She champions the kind of sensible, practical solutions the UCP must offer if we are to win the next election against the NDP.

A government led by Rajan Sawhney will protect, defend, and promote Alberta’s energy industry so we can take advantage of current and future demand, not just for traditional energy, but also for new forms of energy such as hydrogen. It will continue to control spending while investing in Albertan’s priorities like health and education.

A Sawhney government will help Albertans weather the impacts of inflation by providing temporary monthly household and per child Affordability Cheques. It will index key programs to the inflation rate for low income Albertans. And it will launch a full, open, transparent, and independent public inquiry into Alberta’s COVID-19 response.

Join Rajan’s campaign to move Forward.

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