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New K-6 curriculum is out with BIG focus on essential knowledge and skills


March 29, 2021 –

Today, Alberta’s United Conservative government announced the revised K-6 curriculum after an open and transparent process, based on proven research, and years of input from parents, teachers, and education experts.

For the past decade, Albertans have seen test results for students in basic skills in literacy, math and science decline.

The new and strengthened curriculum seeks to reverse those trends with a laser-like focus on four key learning themes: literacy, numeracy, citizenship, and practical skills.

These skills seek to help students “master reading, writing, speaking, and listening”, to help them think “fluently about numbers and equations”, to show students how to draw from “history, geography, economics, civics, and other studies to develop an appreciation of how Canadians have built one of the most generous, prosperous, and diverse societies in the world,” and to learn about the importance of consent, digital literacy, healthy relationships and household budgeting and business planning.

United Conservative MLA Adriana LaGrange said the new curriculum delivers on key commitments to put essential knowledge and skills in the driver’s seat of the new curriculum.

“Parents and teachers have waited a long time for this, and I’m pleased to say that we’ve delivered. Another promise made, promise kept,” LaGrange said.

During the 2019 election, United Conservatives promised more open and transparent consultations, with a “wider range of perspectives” from parents, teachers, and subject matter experts and to “focus on developing foundational competencies.”

While the previous NDP government, much of the curriculum rewrite was done in secret with no chance for feedback from Albertans.

In an interview with Licia Corbella in the Calgary Herald, University of Alberta’s George Gergiou, a professor of educational psychology, praised the new curriculum.

“It has everything that our teacher and our parents need to support their kids and is based and directed and driven by what research is showing to be effective,” Gergiou told Corbella.

Albertans are invited to review the curriculum and provide their feedback here.

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