Inderjit Singh Grewal, is an entrepreneur, loving man, devoted husband and advocate for minorities. Residing in Calgary, Alberta since 2003, he is a passionate community member of Redstone. Occupationally Inder runs a transportation company with a fleet of commercial trucks and trailers. For the past three years, he has been committed to providing reliable delivery services throughout North America.

In addition to his professional work, Inder is an active community volunteer at the Dashmesh Culture Centre. As well as organizing food drives to stock food banks and distribute to those in need.

Politically, Inder believes in individual freedom and free enterprise. He is committed to creating a business-friendly environment that attracts investment and growth. Inder’s campaign will put forth Calgarians by supporting small businesses and innovative start-ups. In turn, tackling issues such as the lack of job opportunities. Helping establish schools closer to neighbouring communities, Inder will make it accessible for kids of all ethnic backgrounds to attend. As an elected representative, Inder is actively involved with the general public and understands their needs as essential, therefore voicing concerns directly from the constituency.