Rajan is a twenty-year professional working in senior positions in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry with companies such as Norcen Energy, Union Pacific , CNRL, Vermilion Energy, and the Alberta Energy Regulator.

Her degree in Economics, MBA in business and extensive background built the foundation to serve as an effective MLA, Minister of Transportation, Minister of Social Services and most recently as the Minister of Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism in the current term.

Rajan was born and raised in Calgary and is a proud mother of four children. She is excited to celebrate the marriage of one of her children and her 30th Wedding anniversary this year.

“It’s been a privilege to serve all Albertans over the last four years. I have had the opportunity to better learn, understand the needs and aspirations of our citizens. I am dedicated to working for all Albertans and strongly believe community is our foundation to building a better future for our children. I would be honoured to serve in your community ” – Rajan Sawhney.