PUSHING BACK | While Liberals reduce punishments for gun crimes, they increase punishments for law-abiding firearm owners

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February 19, 2021

This week, Liberals in Ottawa introduced new firearms legislation that further targeted law-abiding firearm owners and attempts to interfere more in provincial jurisdiction.

Just a few days later, the Liberals announced they are getting rid of a series of new mandatory minimum sentences for those who commit gun crimes.

Alberta under its United Conservative government is pushing back.

“Removing tough, mandatory penalties for actual gun crimes undermines the very minority communities that are so often victimized by brazen gun violence,” United Conservative MLA Kaycee Madu said this week

The data shows that the overwhelming majority of gun crime committed in Canada comes from guns illegally smuggled from the United States. That’s where United Conservatives believe the focus needs to be.

“The federal government seems to be obsessively focused on duly-licensed Canadian firearms owners,” Madu said. “These citizens should not be treated like criminals by their own federal government.”

The province is already moving forward to replacing the Ottawa-appointed Chief Firearms Officer with an Alberta appointment.

The made-in-Ottawa legislation also tries to override provincial jurisdiction by giving municipalities the power to create their own bylaws.

United Conservative MLA Michaela Glasgo introduced private member’s Bill 211 which would limit the power municipalities have to pass bylaws on these issues.

Madu promised that the bill will be rushed forward in the upcoming legislation session.

“Albertans are smart enough to know that made-in-Toronto calls for city gun bans are futile, since criminals flagrantly using guns won’t follow such a bylaw anyways,” Madu said.

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