Statement by the UCP on Leadership Candidate Eligibility

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June 3, 2022 – The United Conservative Party of Alberta issued the following statement to clarify the rules around leadership contestants:

Any individual who announces their intention by registering with Elections Alberta is not an official candidate in the United Conservative Party’s leadership race until they have met the requirements set by the Party’s Leadership Election Committee (LEC). The rules and procedures for the race are currently being developed and are expected to be finalized in the coming weeks.

The Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act requires any person who intends to seek the leadership of a registered party to file an application with the Chief Electoral Officer when they announce their intention to run. This must be done to raise and spend funds regardless of whether the individual has met the registered party’s requirements to participate in the contest.

The UCP has basic rules already in place in its Governance Manual. Those include the requirement for a candidate to have been a Member of the Party for at least six months; submit an entrance fee and application provided by the LEC and deliver a nomination petition signed by at least 500 Members. The LEC may set additional requirements. The Party will announce when the rules are finalized, and when a candidate has met all of the requirements.

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