UCP releases leadership election rules

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June 14, 2022 – Members of the United Conservative Party of Alberta will elect a new Leader on Thursday, October 6 using a mail-in ballot with an option to vote in-person at one of five polling locations across the province.

“This is an exciting time for our Party as we showcase an exceptional field of candidates from diverse backgrounds,” said Cynthia Moore, President of the United Conservative Party. “We’ve built on the successful mail-in vote that our Party recently held and responded to members who wanted an in-person option. We’re also ensuring that the race is revenue neutral so that the Party doesn’t require funds from our 2023 campaign to finance the race.”

No person is an official candidate until they have met the requirements outlined in the rules, prepared by the Leadership Election Committee (LEC). To enter the contest, an applicant must submit a comprehensive questionnaire that will be reviewed by the LEC, together with a $150,000 entrance fee to cover the cost of organizing the election, and a $25,000 refundable compliance deposit. Applicants must also provide a nomination petition with at least 1,000 signatures of Party members, with 200 from each of the Party’s five provincial regions. The entrance fee is payable in three equal installments as the leadership campaign progresses. The Party will not profit on entrance fees, as required by election financing laws.

“These rules demonstrate our commitment to running a fair, open and equitable leadership election,” said David Price, Chair of the Leadership Election Committee. “I want to thank my fellow volunteers on our committee for their hard work to get the rules in place expeditiously. We are proud of the robust rules we have developed, which provide for a secure and transparent process.”

The deadline for Party members to apply to enter the race is Friday July 20. Supporters have until Friday August 12 to join or renew their membership. Ballot packages will be mailed starting on Friday September 2 and must be received back by Monday October 3. The option to vote in-person will be held on Thursday October 6 with the locations and times to be announced soon.

“We expect our candidates to strictly adhere to our Code of Conduct and focus on the future of our province and the issues that matter to Albertans,” said Moore. “We’re confident that this leadership race will set our United Conservative Party up for success in the 2023 provincial election.”

The Leadership Election Rules and Procedures can be found here.

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