The United Conservative
Party of Alberta

Formed on July 22nd, 2017, the United Conservative Party of Alberta was elected to government by Albertans with more than a million votes on April 16, 2019 on a mandate to stand up for Albertans and make Alberta as strong and free as it can be.

Statement of Principles

As a party, we stand united on the following principles that guide our vision for a stronger Alberta:

Membership Policy

The UCA Board of Directors Membership Rules & Procedures Document can be found here.

All ordinarily Alberta residents can qualify for a membership today if: 

Membership Benefits

Our members are vital to the success of our party. Every member not only receives exclusive updates and features, but puts you directly in the driver’s seat. Your membership puts you in control. Alberta’s conservative movement can be strong  because of your voice! Here’s what a membership can do for you:


Jason Kenney


Ryan Becker




Maxwell DeGroat

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VP Bylaw & Policy


VP Communications

Ruven Rajoo

VP Fundraising

Sonia Kont

VP Membership

Dave Guenter

Edmonton Director

Greta Wierenga

Edmonton Director

Jason Bischoff

Northern Alberta Director


Northern Alberta Director

Joe Friesenhan

Southern Alberta Director

Jim Bredeson

Southern Alberta Director

John Voorhorst

Calgary Director

Sophie Watson

Calgary Director

Cynthia Moore

Central Alberta Director

Andrew Boitchenko

Central Alberta Director

Jennifer Johnson


Nathan Neudorf


Dan Williams

Executive Director

Dustin van Vugt