Governance Summary

The UCP achieved a significant milestone by our membership at the Founding Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Red Deer from May 4 to 6, 2018. In Red Deer, more than 2,600 UCP members participated in the dialogue, debate and ratification of governing bylaws for the new UCP, and the beginning of the party’s policy declaration. Constructing bylaws and policies through a grassroots consultation process in a short-period of time is a testament to the commitment of our membership.

CA AGM Requirements for 2020

Whereas the CA rules (Article 11.2) allow ‘ the UCA Board (to) temporarily amend these Rules… to address unforeseen, unexpected or unusual circumstances affecting Constituency Associations’ ; and Whereas the COVID-19 crisis has interrupted the orderly conducting of constituency association AGMs in 2020, with no reliable estimate of when conventional AGMs may resume; and Whereas not all CAs have the expertise, confidence and/or ability to conduct virtual AGMs, and budget constraints limit the availability of Party staff to assist in their conduct; and Whereas 2020 is a relatively non-critical time for the Party and CAs within the election cycle. 

Therefore Be it Resolved that the UCA Board encourage all CAs who have not already held their 2020 AGMs, to conduct them by virtual means if practical or in person if that option again becomes available; and Be it Further Resolved in the event some CAs may not be able to comply with the Article 6.3 requirement, “An Annual General Meeting shall be held at least once per calendar year except in a year where a Founding Meeting has been held’, that the application of Article 6.3 of the CA Rules be temporarily suspended until the end of 2020.”