Alberta Job Growth and Diversification Strategy

The United Conservative Party is committed to growing and diversifying Alberta’s economy, creating jobs and moving the province forward.

Alberta’s economy has great momentum. In the first quarter of 2023, over 5,000 new businesses incorporated in Alberta. Under the UCP government, global companies made landmark investments, demonstrating the massive potential and opportunity we have here. We have seen Alberta’s film and television industry take off, attracting huge projects like HBO’s The Last of Us and Ghostbusters: Afterlife – adding nearly $1 billion to the Alberta economy and creating thousands of jobs. We’ve also seen huge growth in agriculture processing industries and aviation.

Alberta is poised to lead the country in the development of renewable energy, working alongside our traditional energy resources. Our province is also leading the country in hydrogen production. And, with our Hydrogen Roadmap, we are well on our way to becoming a global leader in clean, low-cost hydrogen.

Our cornerstone plan, the Alberta Job Growth and Diversification Strategy, is a forward-looking plan to expand on Alberta’s existing strengths to attract greater investment, create more quality jobs and attract in-demand skilled workers and graduates. This strategic plan will set Alberta up for continued economic success for years to come.

“Over the past four years, Alberta has welcomed billions of investment dollars in film and television, venture capital, energy, agriculture, aviation, manufacturing, and more,” said United Conservative Leader Danielle Smith.

“With the Alberta Job Growth and Diversification Strategy, a re-elected UCP government will continue eliminating barriers for skilled workers, encouraging more investment, creating jobs, and keeping our economy moving forward.”

With more new and emerging industries choosing Alberta, and record investments in both new and established industries, there is a growing need for even more skilled workers. in January, there was an estimated 100,000 jobs that needed to be filled in Alberta. As our economy keeps growing, we will need to find new ways to attract skilled workers to meet increasing labour demands.

A re-elected UCP government will introduce:

  • The Alberta is Calling signing bonus.

o A $1,200 payment for targeted skilled trades and professions where we have labour shortages – including in healthcare, childcare, and trades. Workers will be eligible after living here for a year.

  • The Graduation Retention Tax Credit.

o A $3,000-$10,000 tax credit for students in qualified high-demand professions to stay and work in Alberta after graduation.

  • Increase auto-credentialing for in-demand professions.

o We’ll work with professional bodies to ensure there are no unreasonable barriers to approving credentials and expand auto-credentialling from provinces and countries with similar standards.

These new measures will ensure Alberta employers have access to the skilled labour they need to continue investing and creating opportunities in Alberta, targeting workers and graduates in areas such as healthcare, childcare, and skilled trades.

“We’ve made smart decisions to grow our workforce – from the Alberta is Calling campaign, to funding thousands more seats in high-demand programs at Alberta’s post-secondary institutions,” said Smith. “Unlike Rachel Notley’s NDP, United Conservatives believe in Alberta and believe our province is a land of opportunity for families and for job creators. More and more people agree with us that Alberta is the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

The Alberta Job Growth and Diversification Strategy won’t just fill the jobs of today, it will create the opportunities of tomorrow.

A re-elected UCP government will continue to promote Alberta’s successful Film and Television Tax Credit and give an additional $100 million to the Alberta Enterprise Corporation to attract more venture capital investment. We will also ensure Indigenous communities in Alberta can benefit from venture capital projects by investing $25 million in Indigenous equity funds.

A UCP government will double the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation (AIOC) loan capacity to $2 billion and further expand the types of projects that are eligible. The AIOC was first created in 2019 under the United Conservatives and was expanded in early 2022, to help indigenous communities participate in major natural resource, agriculture, telecommunication, and transportation projects. This expansion of the program will open new doors for indigenous communities to be partners in Alberta’s success by adding investment opportunities in manufacturing, forestry, health care, technology, and tourism.

If re-elected, the UCP will expand the Agri-Processing Investment Tax Credit to forestry and other areas, develop programs similar to the Alberta Petrochemical Incentive Program for more capital-intensive technologies, and expand the Feeder Assistance Loan Guarantee to $3 million. These measures will help to continue to attract major investments to the province, further helping grow and diversify Alberta’s economy and attract and create jobs.

And, for investments under $50 million, a UCP government will also utilize the newly expanded Regional Economic Development Alliances to lead government’s concierge and wayfinding services.

“Rachel Notley and the NDP raised taxes on businesses, making investment flee the province and eliminating thousands of jobs. The worst part? She said she would do it all again if she’s elected,” explained Smith. “Albertans cannot afford to put the province’s growth and diversification at risk and go backwards with the anti-investment and job-crushing policies of the NDP.”

The UCP will remain focused on growing and diversifying the economy to create more high-paying jobs and opportunities for Albertans today and for our children tomorrow.

We cannot afford to put Alberta’s growth and opportunity at risk with the investment and job-crushing policies of the NDP.

“United Conservatives are committed to growing the economy, attracting more skilled workers, and making Alberta more affordable so young people can see themselves staying and growing their families right here.” – UCP Leader Danielle Smith

Our responsible economic plan has been working, and the Alberta Job Growth and Diversification Strategy will continue moving Alberta forward and building a brighter future for our province.

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