$10/Day Childcare

Danielle Smith and the United Conservative Party will ensure all Albertans have access to $10-a-day daycare by 2026.

A re-elected United Conservative government will keep moving Alberta forward by ensuring families have the access to affordable childcare that best meets their needs, grows the economy, and gives parents the opportunity to return to work.

In 2021, the UCP negotiated an agreement with the federal government that provides families with affordable, high-quality childcare through a mix of private and non-profit childcare spaces. The United Conservative Party is committed to this made-in-Alberta childcare agreement that will invest $3.8 billion over five years in Alberta’s childcare system.

The childcare agreement has already reduced fees for Alberta parents by half to an average of close to $15-a-day, and we have created 11,063 new spaces across the province. Parents can look forward to the creation of another 15,500 spaces this year alone.

“Childcare is not a one-size fits-all solution. That’s why I’m so proud that we negotiated a deal with the federal government that makes the most sense for Alberta families. Our mixed-market childcare system will continue to empower Alberta parents with the choice and flexibility they need to participate in the workforce” said United Conservative Party Leader Danielle Smith. “We are well on our way to creating 68,700 new childcare spaces at $10-a-day, and a re-elected United Conservative government will continue that work and reach our goals by 2026.”

Thanks to strategic investments and pro-business policies implemented by the UCP, Alberta’s economy is growing and diversifying meaning more jobs and more opportunities for Albertans. The United Conservative Party’s focus on moving Alberta forward will help provide all Albertans with the ability to take hold of those opportunities. The commitment to $10-a-day daycare will break down barriers for women and families, and provide every Alberta parent with the opportunities they are looking for, both for their families and in their careers.

“Women and families shouldn’t have to choose between a family or a career,” said Smith. “Access to reliable, accessible, and affordable childcare ensures they won’t have to. Our United Conservative Party is here to support Alberta women and parents as they make the best decisions for their families. Ensuring they have access to $10 a day daycare is just one way we are doing that.”

Families are not one-size-fits-all and childcare options should be either. Our mix of private and non-profit childcare centres makes the most sense for families because it gives parents the flexibility to find the childcare operator that best fits their needs.

The Alberta NDP previously tried, unsuccessfully, to implement a $25-a-day childcare program. Their pilot program flopped because they chose to exclude privately owned and operated Daycare centres. This was a huge issue because a majority of Alberta families choose private operators to provide childcare.

The NDP’s failed program actually prevented most Alberta parents from being able to participate in accessing affordable childcare. This is the same deal the Trudeau-Liberals tried to rope the UCP into, but we rejected it and renegotiated a better deal that will serve a much greater number of Albertans. A re-elected United Conservative Government will not exclude families from being able to access affordable, quality childcare simply because they choose a privately owned day-care over a not-for-profit. We will not let Ottawa dictate what is best for Alberta families.

Affordable, quality childcare is a crucial part of our United Conservative Party’s responsible plan for economic growth and prosperity. We will continue to make decisions that support families, children, and all Albertans to help move Alberta forward.

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