Compassionate Intervention

A United Conservative Government will take bold action to address mental health and addiction and keep Alberta streets safe.

Despite the opportunity created by Alberta’s growing economy, we are also grappling with the effects of untreated mental health issues, and the ongoing addiction crisis that is facing jurisdictions all over North America.

Far too often, this addiction crisis has led to social disorder and out of control violence that seems to have gotten worse. Albertans want and deserve safety and they want members of their communities to be well.

There are people who are suffering. People who are an imminent danger to themselves and others. Individuals who need a more assertive intervention to ensure they get better, to save their life, and to keep our communities safe.    

That’s why a re-elected United Conservative government will develop and pass the Compassionate Intervention Act, to respond to the addiction crisis and save lives while keeping communities safe.

“It is the number one job of a government to ensure that people are safe when they walk down the street,” said United Conservative Party Leader Danielle Smith. “Albertans shouldn’t have to look over their shoulders in their own communities. People have a right not to be randomly grabbed, punched kick, or spit upon. Or heaven-forbid worse.”

Far too often Albertans are losing their lives to overdose, and at the same time, drug fueled random attacks are increasing and jeopardizing the safety of our communities. As part of a comprehensive public safety and community wellness plan, there must be an avenue to intervene when someone is a danger to themselves or others.

The Compassionate Intervention Act will allow a family member, doctor, or police officer to make a petition to family court for a treatment order when someone is a danger to themselves or others. The treatment order would require that person to engage in treatment for their addiction and drug use to save their life and protect the safety of the community.

“If someone is in imminent danger of causing harm to themselves or others, we will do whatever we can to save their life and help them get better, but that begins with getting them out of harm’s way,” said Smith. “We need to ensure Albertans don’t have to worry about random acts of violence when they’re walking down the street or taking transit. This is about saving lives and keeping our communities safe.”

Albertans deserve to feel safe in their communities, not fall victim to drug-fuelled crime. This plan to address mental health and addiction is in stark contrast to the NDP.

Rachel Notley and the NDP have lost sight of what’s important and plan to distribute and supply powerful and dangerous drugs to addicts. They plan on putting supervised consumption sites in communities across Alberta and decriminalizing the deadly and dangerous drugs that are actively tearing Alberta families and communities apart and jeopardizing their safety.

“The policies of the NDP are dangerous and destructive. But they don’t want to talk about their plan during this election,” said Smith, “The answer to addiction and public safety is not more drugs or looking the other way and hoping for the best. It’s stepping forward with compassion, intervention, treatment, and recovery while also having zero tolerance for actual crime.”

Since taking office, the UCP’s mental health and addictions strategy has changed the lives of tens of thousands of Albertans.  Rachel Notley was charging user fees of $40 per day for people to access our publicly-funded addiction treatment system. The United Conservative government eliminated that fee. This means that Alberta’s addiction treatment system now provides detox, treatment, and recovery services for up to 29,000 Albertans every year, fully-funded and free of charge.

Albertans deserve to feel safe in their communities and know they also have access to compassionate care and treatment options if and when they need them. Through the Safe Streets Action Plan and the Compassionate Intervention Act, the United Conservative Paty will ensure those struggling with addiction and mental health challenges have access to treatment to pursue recovery and live a better life, while protecting our communities from drug fueled crime. That’s how we move Alberta forward.

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