Union Charitable Donations

Alberta’s United Conservative Party will change Alberta’s labour legislation to reduce red tape for charitable giving by union locals. The UCP will work with Alberta’s private sector unions to find ways to reduce the red-tape aspects of “Bill 32.”

The UCP continues to support the intent of the legislation to give union members more say over how their union dues are spent, but it is also sensitive that “Bill 32” changes made it unduly onerous for unions to make charitable donations to community and human service charities.

“It was never the government’s intent to prevent unions from supporting the Christmas Bureau or providing relief during disasters, or in other ways supporting community charities,” said Brian Jean, the UCP candidate for Fort McMurray Lac La Biche. “We are supportive of unions efforts to be a positive force in the communities where they work. We recognize that the changes in “Bill 32” created red tape for activities that the government has no concerns about.”

The UCP will consult with Alberta unions to make amendments to the legislation and regulations so that there is better alignment between the original intent and the legislation.

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