Seniors Community & Social Services
  • Committed a total of  $26 million in grant funding to hundreds of food banks across Alberta, supporting Albertans who need a helping hand.
  • Introduced a 10-year strategy to expand affordable housing called Stronger Foundations. This strategy puts Alberta on track to increase affordable housing units by 25,000. Committed $1 billion over three years to support this. 
  • Worked to reduce homelessness by implementing a Homelessness Action Plan to increase shelter capacity and improve supports for housing and recovery. 
  • Partnered with organizations such as Healthy Aging Alberta to provide reliable, accessible transportation for seniors throughout Alberta.
  • Invested into better housing for seniors, ensuring that they can continue to live in the communities they call home while receiving the care and support they need.
  • Re-indexed AISH, income supports and seniors supports programs to better support vulnerable Albertans. 
  • Invested over $300 million to raise wages for social service sector workers and over $240 million to provide supports to more Albertans with disabilities.

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