Treasury Board
  • Deposited $2 billion into the Heritage Savings Trust Fund – the most significant amount in recent history. We also legislated that interest generated will now compound to grow the Fund instead of being spent each year by government.
  • Paid off $13 billion in provincial debt, passed on from previous governments.
  • As its first bill after winning government in 2019, the UCP repealed Rachel Notley’s carbon tax, creating jobs, getting Albertans back to work, and putting money back in the pockets of families, businesses and non-profits.
  • Put in place the job creation tax cut, reducing Alberta’s corporate tax rate from 11 per cent to 10 percent, sending the message to national and international investors that Alberta is open for business
  • Got Alberta’s fiscal house in order and delivered consecutive balanced budgets in 2022 and 2023, while making historic investments in healthcare and education and attracting more investment to keep our economy moving forward.
  • Reindexed personal income tax. 
  • Introduced a regulatory sandbox to offer businesses temporary relief from certain legislative and regulatory requirements, making it simpler for them to research and adapt their new products and services for the market. We are working with the Alberta Council of Imams and the Al Rashid Mosque to explore opportunities for Islamic compliant, or halal, financing.
  • Released the position paper, Responding to Canada’s Growth Challenge – Options to Reform Equalization which explores potential options to simplify the program, make it more transparent and promote economic growth nationwide.
  • Froze rate increases for auto insurance to protect Albertans from increased costs while working to keep Alberta affordable.
  • Albertans and Alberta businesses have a $20 billion tax advantage compared to the next lowest taxed province. That means, a couple earning $75,000 with two children would pay $1,925 more in tax in B.C. and $4,066 more in taxes in Ontario.

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