United Conservatives pledge to protect women, children and victims of crime in Alberta 

(May 10, 2023) — Today, United Conservatives promised to bolster investments in women’s shelters and sexual assault counselling centres throughout Alberta. If re-elected, the UCP will also ensure Albertans are made aware of Clare’s Law and provide greater support to the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams’ (ALERT) Internet and Child Exploitation (ICE) unit. 

“The number one job of government is to protect citizens and ensure the safety of families and communities,” said Jeremy Nixon, United Conservative candidate for Calgary-Klein. “By increasing provincial support to these essential frontline services, our United Conservative Party will help ensure the victims of crime have the supports they need to heal.” 

Over the last four years, the UCP government has introduced several initiatives to improve public safety and ensure help is available when someone reaches out for support. The UCP also passed legislation to ensure convicted sexual offenders and dangerous offenders would not be allowed to legally change their names. The same government brought in Clare’s Law so that those at risk of domestic violence can ask for and receive criminal records of their intimate partners. If re-elected, the UCP will launch a two-year advertising campaign so more Albertans are aware of how this program can help keep them safe. 

As part of its commitment to public safety, a re-elected United Conservative government will provide ankle bracelets so Alberta Sheriffs can better monitor sexual offenders and repeat violent offenders out on bail. Increased funding for ALERT’s Internet and Child Exploitation unit will result in fewer children being victimized and more offenders being caught and brought before the justice system. And, importantly, a $20-million investment over four years will increase funding for women’s shelters and sexual assault centres, protecting more women and children after they’ve been victimized and helping them heal. 

“Women and children are disproportionally impacted by violent crime, especially domestic violence,” said Tanya Fir, UCP candidate for Calgary-Peigan. “Access to supports and early intervention services offered by women’s shelters and sexual assault centres is critical. United Conservatives are committed to making sure Albertans have greater access to these services.” 

Ensuring help is available when someone reaches out is a top priority for United Conservatives. Increased funding will ensure Albertans are aware of, and have greater access to, supports and programs that are readily available for those in need. 

Albertans are looking for a government with a credible plan to address the increasing crime in our communities while protecting survivors and victims. The UCP’s Safe Streets Action Plan will move Alberta forward by creating safer communities for families and individuals. 


“It is important for all Albertans to know they have a right to ask for information about their partner, and to be connected to local support through a Clare’s Law application. Thank you for this new commitment to spreading the word, and to the many community organizations, dedicated social servants, and elected officials who continue to raise their voices in support of Albertans impacted by domestic abuse.”  
– Andrea Silverstone, CEO, Sagesse 

“Domestic violence and abuse is a complex public safety issue that affects all of us. It cuts across gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religion, region, and politics. We all have a role to play in helping prevent it and need the support of sector leaders, law enforcement, elected officials, and our communities to ensure individuals and families stay safe. The face of this serious issue has evolved dramatically over the last few years that have demanded our agency and Shelters to work smarter and better to care for all involved. Increasing funding to women’s shelters is a welcome investment for our sector to continue to find innovative ways to support vulnerable and high-risk Albertans during their time of crisis.” 
-Kim Ruse, CEO, FearIsNotLove (the new brand evolution and operator of the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter)

“May in Alberta is sexual violence awareness month. It is a time where we as Albertans work to increase awareness and understanding around the issue of sexual violence. 1/3 women and 1/4 men will experience sexual violence in their lifetimes, this means that as you look around you, someone you know, work with or love will be impacted. It is crucial that when someone is impacted by sexual violence they get the help they need, when they need it.  This platform commitment today signifies what sexual assault centres have been asking for, sustainable long term operational funding increases to address the soaring wait lists for counselling we are seeing across the province. This funding will ensure that when an Albertan needs support after a sexual assault that they will not be turned away or made to wait. This funding will save lives. As an advocate and a sexual assault survivor I would like to thank Danielle Smith, Jeremy Nixon, Tanya Fir and the UCP for this commitment. Albertans take care of each other and this promise does just that. “ 
– Kristin Raworth, Sexual Violence Survivor Advocate 


  • Clare’s Law protocol allows Albertans to submit applications to obtain information regarding an intimate partner’s possible history of domestic and/or sexual violence victimizing partners or children. 
  • Alberta’s network of sexual assault centres provides essential services to children, youth, adults, and seniors regardless of gender, including counselling, police, and court support, as well as programs to prevent sexual violence in both rural and urban communities across the province. 
  • Increased support for the Internet and Child Exploitation (ICE) team will help build an engagement team that can deliver education, presentations, and in-person door knocks on low-risk files. 


The UCP’s Safe Streets Action Plan will enhance community safety, keep hard drugs and guns off the streets, and protect women and children facing abuse by:  

  • Adding 100 police officers to Edmonton and Calgary to address chronic and worsening crime issues, particularly in the downtown cores and on transit. 
  • Extending the downtown Sheriff redeployment pilot program until at least the end of 2023, and longer if necessary. 
  • Expanding the use of Alberta Sheriffs in the 24/7 bail monitoring process. 
  • Using Alberta’s provincial Sheriffs in the monitoring of higher risk offenders released on bail to provide increased protection for Albertans. 
  • Initiating an ankle bracelet program for violent and/or sexual offenders on bail. 
  • Establishing a 24/7 electronic monitoring program to help protect Albertans against possible violent reoffenders who are out on bail. 
  • Providing further options for courts to impose electronic monitoring as a condition of bail. 
  • Creating specialized Sheriff-led anti-fentanyl and anti-gun trafficking teams. 
  • Increasing funding to ALERT for suppressing gang violence. 
  • Initiatives the UCP would look to expand under ALERT include:  
  • Provincial Cyber Crime unit; 
  • Provincial DNA lab; and 
  • Increased monitoring of the gang connections to the skyrocketing rates of catalytic converter theft. 
  • Informing Albertans that Clare’s Law enables them to learn whether their partner has any history of domestic assault or sex crimes. 
  • Clare’s Law protocol allows Albertans to submit applications to obtain information regarding an intimate partner’s possible history of domestic and/or sexual violence victimizing partners or children. 
  • This is an incredibly useful tool for at-risk Albertans. We will expand awareness of this program through a two-year advertising campaign. 
  • Increasing support for the Internet and Child Exploitation (ICE) teams. 
  • Funding an engagement team that could deliver education, presentations, and in-person door knocks on low-risk files. 
  • Further investing in women’s shelters and sexual assault counselling/centres. 
  • A re-elected UCP government will invest an additional $10 million (over four years) to support women’s shelters. 
  • The UCP will also invest an additional $10 million (over four years) for sexual assault counselling. 
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