Savings For Seniors

The United Conservative Party recognizes the important contributions of Alberta’s seniors and has a plan to provide new savings for them with a 25 per cent seniors’ discount.

“Alberta’s seniors are important members of our communities, and many of them are living on fixed incomes,” remarked United Conservative Leader Danielle Smith. “With the NDP/Liberal carbon tax and the federal government driving up inflation, many seniors are struggling to make ends meet. That’s unacceptable. United Conservatives are committed to lowering costs for Alberta seniors.”

The 25 per cent discount will automatically be applied when Alberta seniors go to a registry to access government services or book a camping spot, and a new billing code will be created to discount medical driving tests.

In addition to this discount, Alberta seniors will also benefit from our other affordability measures which includes cutting taxes for all Albertans saving individuals $760 or over $1,500 for a family. Our plan will also save seniors money at the pumps by suspending the fuel tax until the end of the year, and permanently indexing personal income taxes.

While in office, United Conservatives were committed to improving the lives of Alberta seniors. We brought in a 10-year housing strategy, Stronger Foundations, which will add 25,000 affordable housing units over ten years. United Conservatives also committed $1 billion over the next three years in to build, repair, expand, and operate affordable and seniors housing across the province in partnership with the federal government.

The UCP took action to make life better and more affordable for seniors while in office by committing $7.4 million to expand elder abuse shelters and provided $3.5 million to Healthy Aging Alberta to expand rural transportation for seniors. We allocated $105 million for Family and Community Support Services, which helps to support local senior centres and services across Alberta. And, provided $3.86 billion over three years for continuing care and home care.

Seniors are integral members of our communities. Many are also the backbone of local volunteer groups, sit on important boards and committees or give back to their communities through their involvement with their faith groups or community organizations. After working their entire lives, Alberta seniors deserve to feel supported by their government, and that’s exactly what a re-elected UCP government will do.

“Every dollar saved through this seniors discount, and our other forward thinking affordability measures, is another dollar back in the pockets of Albertans that they can use on their priorities,” Smith said.

United Conservatives have been working hard to address inflation pressures facing Albertans and Alberta seniors. While in government we provided $600 in inflation relief payments to seniors. We also introduced rebates for electricity and natural gas bills and suspended the provincial fuel tax. This discount is the next step in making sure services remain affordable for our seniors, and especially those on fixed income.

While the UCP has been working to combat inflation, the NDP are planning to bring in measures that could cause a major affordability crisis.

Rachel Notley is planning to increase electric bills by a whopping 40 per cent by 2035 with their accelerated ‘just transition’ plan. Cost increases like that could push Alberta seniors out of their homes and force others to choose between putting food on the table or keeping the lights on. Albertans can’t afford the NDP and their radical, ideologically driven plans.

“Rachel Notley’s NDP has a track record of increasing taxes and fees and raising costs for everyone. Only the UCP is putting forward smart policies and initiatives that reduce taxes, reduce costs, and keep Alberta moving forward,” said Smith.

After working their entire lives to support our economy and build up our communities, Alberta seniors deserve stability and confidence that their government is looking out for them. A UCP government would provide that stability by ensuring the economy stays strong, life remains affordable, and streets and communities are safe.

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