• Taking action on caribou recovery with sub-regional plans that consider a broad range of land uses which support environmental and conservation outcomes, Indigenous traditional use, recreation and economic development.
  • Our made-in-Alberta emissions reduction and energy development plan will ensure that Alberta remains a world leader in responsible, ethical energy production and is a provider of reliable, affordable, sustainable energy while working to reduce emissions.
  • Albertans have stepped up to deliver responsible, ethically produced energy, helping mitigate global energy crises and leading in technology innovation to reduce emissions.
  • Alberta is recognized as a leader in developing carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technology, committing more than $1.8 million to CCUS projects to date. Large-scale support for CCUS is critical for meeting Canada’s long-term energy needs and climate goals.
  • Reached a milestone achievement on equivalency with the federal government, ensuring Albertans have greater control of how we manage our natural resources and emissions reduction frameworks, despite the federal government’s intrusion into our economy with carbon taxes and unrealistic emissions targets.
  • The UCP is committed to continuing to set our own made-in-Alberta policies to effectively and responsibly manage our environment and natural resources while focusing on the unique needs of Albertans and our industries.

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