Justice & Public Safety
  • Started the Rural Alberta Provincial Integrated Defence (RAPID) Response Team. Members of the Sheriff Highway Patrol and Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Services (FWES) have been given additional authorities to help fight rural crime. 
  • Announced funding to provide an additional one hundred new police officers for Edmonton and Calgary.
  • Surged law enforcement in both Edmonton and Calgary by providing twelve Alberta Sheriffs to each city for city centre patrols to counter the rise in social disorder and violent crime.
  • Expanded the Alberta Sheriffs Safer Communities and Neighbours program.  This program targets houses being used for crime through civil means.  SCAN is being expanded into additional areas through the establishment of regional hubs.
  • Updated the Alberta police act to ensure greater transparency and public oversight of police within Alberta.
  • Implemented recommendations outlined in the Final Report of the Select Special Committee on Real Property Rights by introducing legislation to abolish adverse possession, and further advance work to constitutionally entrench the protection of property rights.
  • Developed and enacted the Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act to establish a legislative framework through which measures can be taken in response to unconstitutional federal encroachments on provincial jurisdiction.
  • Mandated body-worn cameras for police officers to keep officers and Albertans safe. 
  • Put continued pressure on Ottawa to fix the bail system.
  • Calgary and Edmonton Public Safety and Community Response Task Forces are taking action to bolster safety in Alberta’s Biggest Cities by partnering Sheriffs with the Calgary Police Service and Edmonton Police Service to increase safety in their respective downtown areas.
  • Put in place legislation preventing convicted violent offenders from legally changing their name, including convicted sex offenders, keeping our communities safer for children and vulnerable Albertans. 

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